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  Welcome to some vintage Quartz! Back before there was, back before there was even Dave's Temp Name Page, there was Quartz's Jumpstation. Take a jump back in time to when xhtml was nonexistent, 56k was just becoming the norm, and raves were still in vogue. My first site ever, Rocks Galore, is now back up in all of its initial glory, as well as a few other sites long past... enjoy your visit.

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Rocks Galore!

Rocks Galore

is a site containing a virtual sampling of my rock collection. Racks Galore was my first site ever, and it was put together using an ancient RCA VCR/Camcorder pair and a Performa 638CD. The site is still going strong, now with 21 images and descriptions of each type of rock on display. Possibly more updates to come this summer.

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The Ominous PBEM

is my new scenario for the RPG Teenagers from Outer Space.Centered around the Japanese fictional twin cities of Kuzuru and Anjiresu. This scenario was played via email. Also available at this site are the archives of the Kevlar play-by-email. Both scenarios promise to be interesting, exciting, intriguing, and more entertaining (especially to read) than most RPGs.

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Possible topics for sites in the future: Writing, 3D graphics, original sketches, hotline server info, carracho server info, TI-83 specialized encryption and security programs

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