Update History

February 22, 1998
My page is finally on the web! Admittedly, it doesn't have the main sections on yet, but it's a start...

March 13, 1998
The marathon page has finally been added!

April 24, 1998
Made some slight modifications to the page. No more klunky e-mail form. Also added my new EV page, and a new Marathon level collection.

May 30, 1998
Fixed the reference to this page on the main Kibrick website. Also added a cool new e-mail thing to the Rocks Galore! page.

October 6, 1998
Refurbished the Rocks Galore! page, added 11 new pictures and a lot more detailed descriptions. It's beginning to look really cool.

November 11, 1998
A few changes and updates to Rocks Galore page. Last month's title paragraph:
   Well, it's that time of year again... Time to go dress up as modernized icons of evil and terror, and somehow use this to imtimidate our friends and neighbors into paying us tribute in sucrose- and cocoa-related products. Actually, It's time for a webpage update! I'd like to thank all the incredible person who filled out my survey (no, this is not a grammar mistake, only 1 person sent it in). Thanks to you (you know who you are), this page now has ->21<- pictures, and some expanded information!

January 3, 1999
Updated the main page, killed old links. Also updated RG text a little. Nothing too extensive.

January 25, 1999
Major update to the main index page, added frames and a few more links, also added Macx Anime site. Built with BBEdit logo is now working.

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